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Black Madness Gladiator Killer

  • Massive dose creatine
  • Maximum creatine boost in muscles
  • Helps gain muscle strength

The creatine of the future is already here!

With a massive dose of a full 10g creatinine per serving you will fill your muscles to the maximum creatine level. 

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Product Description


Nutrition Facts

pH-buffrat kreatinmonohydrat 6000 mg
Kreatin-pyruvat 2000 mg
Tri-kreatin-malat 2000 mg
Natriumvätekarbonat 300 mg
R-alfa-Liponsyra 100 mg
Kanelextrakt 25 mg
Krom (klorid) 200 mikrogram (200% RI)

PER 100 G

Salt 2,8 g
Energy 0 kcal
Carbs 0 g
Fat 0 g
Fibre  0 g

Gladiator Killer contains an innovative combination of three sorts of creatine creating an increasing muscle strength, without binding unnecessary fluids. For the creatine to properly be absorbed by the muscle cells as effectively as possible, it must be prevented from breaking down into creatinine. Thanks to the unique formula “cell breach” the creatine is protected from breaking down, also providing better absorption. 


Cell breach is partially made of bicarbonate that protects the creatine against the sour lactic acid. It also makes the transportation of creatine into the blood stream and into the muscle cells easier, thanks to the carefully measured dose of sodium and chrome. 


Most people know that the hormone insulin has a strong effect on the cells absorption ability and, in fact, the absorption of creatine can vastly be improved by insulin imitated effects. For that reason, Gladiator Killer contains both R-ALA and cinnamon extract which enhances the insulins effect on the muscle cells. The results ending in a higher amount of creatine stored in the muscles of Gladiator Killer than any other ordinary creatine. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU BM10230
Bullet Points Info
  • Massive dose creatine
  • Maximum creatine boost in muscles
  • Helps gain muscle strength
Manufacturer Black Madness


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